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No other group in the state advocates for retired teachers, and your membership supports those vital lobbying activities at the state level.


Whether you are currently working, are considering retirement, or are already there, new funding is key to the well-being in both the short and long-term for all Texas educators, past and present. TRTA has a proven track record. In 2021 alone, TRTA advocacy added $1 billion of new funding into the TRS pension fund, in addition to expanding other benefits.


Because of combined efforts, TRS members received an additional paycheck in January of 2022. Continued work is being done to achieve a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for all retirees. This advocacy is vital to retirees; you can help by being a member.


All members pay $45 annually. This includes your local DARSE membership and membership in TRTA, the state organization. Dues can be paid by cash, check, bank draft, or through a monthly deduction from your TRS annuity.


For questions about membership, contact DARSE treasurer, Mimi Luna, at 972-298-5073 or at


Click here to access our print membership form.

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