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Each year we collect NEW Little Golden Books to be gifted to the first graders in Cedar Hill, DeSoto, and Duncanville.  In the past we have partnered with the Cedar Hill Barnes & Nobles as the recipient of their Holiday Book Drive.  It varies from year to year as to the amount of books donated.  Customers are asked if they would like to purchase a book for their Holiday Book Drive.

Our members can donate funds at the beginning of the year when dues are paid.  Books and contributions are accepted at all of our meetings.

It is a JOY to see the children with their own book that can take home and enjoy with their families.

We have committees to help with pick up and storage of books, placing book marks in the books and for delivery to the sites.  


DARSE members generously have donated gently used books from their own, their families and their friends collections to the Little Free Libraries in our community at schools, churches and parks.

These libraries are a collaborative effort between the schools, the parks and organizations.  Each library has a steward who monitors the library and refills when needed.  Thousands of children and adults have taken and donated books over the past 6-7 years since the the LFBs have been up!  


One of our members, Chris Dodge, is the creative force and "head librarian"behind this effort..  We currently have 5 at schools, 5 at city parks and 1 at a local church in Duncanville.   


This is a new project for our organization.  We are working with one of the DISD school social workers dealing with our students and families that are homeless.  Each month we donate items to the Panther Pantry that the students can come by to select.   The Pantry is located in one of the public elementary schools in Duncanville.  

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